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SSC Job or Banking Job – Which is Better?

SSC Job or Banking Job? Enrolled for both SSC Job Banking Job? Confused between what to focus on? Questions like: Which will help me live a better lifestyle must have occupied your minds instead of focusing on the preparations. So here we are with the best of all information to make your boat sail through the tough storm your mind is facing. Before beginning with the stuff we guys have, I would plead you to sit and think: What do you want in your life? This comes out to be a question unanswered by the entire generation. Nobody knows what he wants to do! Everyone is just running a race to be better than others in spheres of life like: Social Status, Bank balance and designations. Sphere which are materialistic and own no proportion of a happy life. Happy Life is not just two words combined to let you know what you have to do, but an emotion to carry forward till the end. Just think once, listen to your soul and then step ahead. SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission and is an organization run by the government of India to recruit staff for various ministries spread across the country. Headquartered at Delhi, with 7 regional offices, SSC stands out to be the exam which has huge number of applicants from every nook & corner of India, running the race to proudly call themselves a government servant.

Following points will help you undertand about SSC and Banking jobs and give you answer to the questions – SSC Job or Banking Job ?

SSC Job or Banking Job?

Job profile SSC offers

  • Start with scratch
  • Clerical work
  • General administration work
  • Field jobs which involve travelling
  • Carry out raids, investigations etc

Working hours SSC offers

  • Fixed working hours
  • 5 days a week
  • No extra working shifts

Work pressure SSC puts in

  • Relaxed job
  • No hectic schedules
  • Get to work on various sections which are supervised with your senior
  • Good work-life balance
  • No customer interaction

Transfers SSC selected candidates are prone to

  • Every 4-5 years
  • If working in Delhi under CSS, no transfers happen

Salary SSC offers

  • Subjective to revision under 7th commission pay
  • In hand 39,000 – 45,000 per month

Switching to the banking side, you’ll see the changes as they go and how your life would be affected in case you choose to be employed with the Banks. There are different scenarios when working with Government Banks and the Private Banks, so there’s a call for you depending on how you take up. I guess there’s no need to introduce the banking sector as everybody is well versed with banking sector is all about, so I’ll straight away jump to the comparing points.

SSC Job or Banking Job?

Job profile Banking Sector offers

  • Customer oriented job
  • Cash activities occupy your day
  • Management of accounts of customers
  • Targets are to be hit

Working hours Banking Sector offers

  • Fixed working hours – but closing of the day can vary
  • 6 days a week except for second and fourth Saturdays
  • Extra working shifts may happen during the financial year closing i.e. March

Work pressure Banking Sector puts in

  • Hectic schedule as dealing with public is a major task
  • General banking administration is to be handled
  • Rigorous training hours are a stress at the beginning
  • You need to focus on many fields at the same time like: finance, accounting, billing, investments (A proper training is always provided)

Transfers Banking Sector selected candidates are prone to

  • Every 2-3 years
  • Transfers are highly based on seniority and promotion

Salary Banking Sector offers

  • Transfers increase the pain of salary being eat up in the entire relocation process
  • In hand as a PO, you can have 38,000 – 42,000 per month

Apart from the above comparison factors, things such as growth and work life balance means a lot.

Job Work-life balance Growth
Banking Somewhat Within 2-3 years
SSC Yes Within 4-5 years


Some cons of working as SSC

  • State changes
  • In house ego clashes

While banking can have these cons

  • Rural areas posting
  • Customer dealings can be hard and tough
  • Promotion getting is a luck

So there it is, go and analyze things with their respective domains and make a choice soon. Both kind of jobs are good but you need to analyze your aspirations and make your choice. Good Luck !

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