Simple ways to improve your vocabulary for Banking & SSC Exams

English is one of the back-breaking subjects for many aspirants who are willing to grab a job in government sector and banking sector. Preparing well for English is as important as having knowledge about the other subjects of the exam. One of the most important parts of English is the Vocabulary. In this article, we will give you simple ways to  improve your vocabulary for Banking & SSC Exams. This can become very handy for you as you can quickly solve certain questions in the exam based on just vocabulary.

Mark Twain once said ‘’apparently there is nothing which is not possible’’. The same applies to English vocabulary as well.

Though there is no shortcut to improve your vocabulary, but we are here for you with 7 easy and fruitful ways to improve your vocabulary for government and banking exams.

  1. Reading Newspaper for at least 30 mins everyday can improve your vocabulary like a pro. Spend a part of your day reading good english newspapers, or a weekly magazine. Reading newspaper is a good habit and it can also be very helpful in improving your general awareness. Next is how to read a Newspaper. While reading, try to find the meanings of the words in the context they are used. If you are not able to judge the meaning, pick up the dictionary quickly and see the meaning.
  2. Keep you dictionary handy while reading. As mentioned already, try to find out the meanings of the words you don’t know. You will have to be very diligent in doing this as it can become mundane at times. One you find a meaning, try to find its synonyms as well. Try to use these words by framing one or two sentences on your own. This is very important even if it seems less important to you right now.
  3. Try learning the meaning from the origin of the words. If there is any word you find hard to learn, try to find the origin of the word and learn it. For instance, FLUX. Flux is originated from a Latin word fluxus which means ‘to flow’. Learning the words from their origins is fun as well as helps you increase your vocabulary to the best level as you will also learn the original form of the word.
  4. Life of a person is nothing without an aim. Try to set a goal or aim the number of words you can learn in a day. Set a target of words you would learn in a period of time, for example start with learning 5 words each a day, and gradually increase the number of words as per your learning power.
  5. Meaning of words can also be determined through contextual basis. Try reading the sentence two to three times in order to understand the contextual use of the word. Reading the same sentence again and again will help you understand the context in which the word has been used. You will enjoy doing this thing, and this will also increase your thinking ability.
  6. The Golden Rule – Learning and Implementing is the best way to memorize the words with their meaning quickly. Try implementing and using the new words you have learned in your daily life. There is no point of learning a new word, if you are not implementing it. Try phrasing sentences of your own using the words as a part in your daily conversations. This will help you memorize the words quickly and will add new words to your vocabulary.
  7. Aren’t crossword puzzles fun? Yes, they are. But what if I say you can also learn while having fun?  Yeah!  You can learn new words from crossword puzzles too. Once you feel confident with your vocabulary, try solving the crossword puzzles in the newspapers. This would help you in evaluating your freshly updated vocabulary and will also add few newer words to it.

Remember, there are no shortcuts for english, neither any one would spoon feed you with the words. It’s all on you to prepare yourself for the government and banking exams now.

We hope that this article was helpful for all the aspirants. Vocabulary is something, which will stay with you all your life. Improve it! Implement it!

Also, comment below and let us know which of the points mentioned above works best for you.

Happy learning! Keep practicing! All the best!


Bhavya Mittal

Your Mentor

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