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SBI Clerk 2018 & other banking exams: 8 Tips to improve your score

In this article, we will highlight a few important tips for your SBI Clerk 2018 & other banking exams. These tips hold for any exam and have been devised based on general trends which we come across while analyzing student preparation. So, if you are preparing for SBI Clerk 2018, IBPS Clerk 2018, IBPS PO 2018, SBI PO 2018, RBI, SSC CGL 2018, SSC CHSL 2018, Railways or any other competitive exam, READ TILL THE END.

There are many factors and important points that need equal attention while taking your examination. Following these, will definitely help you to pace up your score. Check out these tips now.

  1. While taking mock tests, also practice complete tests.

Always while taking the mock tests, feel that you are in the examination hall. Appear with that seriousness and attempt complete paper. This will help you to create short tricks for yourself and avoiding silly mistakes during the test. SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB, SSC CGL, SBI PO or any such exam tests a student on time management which will improve if you practice the mocks just like the exam environment.

  1. Take frequent breaks but short in nature.

While studying at home, make it a habit to study continuously but with breaks. This freshens up the mind quickly and improves gaining power.

  1. Do not take your essentials inside the test center

This will be a stress adder, whether or not your essentials are safe. Either leave them at home or in the car. This helps in time saving and also from privacy violation, you might unknowingly carry any  piece of paper.

  1. Visit the test center one or two days in advance

This helps to get the estimate of time and distance required to reach the destination. This reduces any anxiety originating from the trip to test centre on the exam day. We don’t realize we already have some level of anxiety on the exam day and we do not want to increase it further.

  1. Set your brains functioning accordingly

A week prior to the examination, start waking up at the required time. Practice mock tests on the time of actual test. This will help the brains to function accordingly and get used to it.

  1. Forget about previously attempted

The question once attempted is gone, take that out from mind and then jump onto next. If you know solution to a question but you feel it would take more time than required, you may mark that question and come back to it at the end (if time permits). This will help you to avoid it’s tension. Remember that time is short in any IBPS, SSC or any other exam and you should not take it on your ego to solve a particular question. This does more harm than good.

  1. Avoid peer pressure

The topics prepared by others will give you more stress at the end moment. Rare chances are there that you will learn it positively. Avoid this discussion and be confident.

  1. Prepare your bag in advance

Carry all the required material, so that you do not need to ask for it in the examination hall. Pack and prepare your bag in advance, so that anything required can be easily managed.

We are sure, the above mentioned tips will benefit you in your SBI, IBPS and SSC  exams for which you are damn serious. These tips might look small and already known, but following them is altogether a different thing. Somebody has rightly said, “Execution matters, not just knowing what to do”. So follow these tips and subtly perform better than the competition.

Comment and let us know which of the points mentioned above you follow/ don’t follow.

All the best!!!

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