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Last minute tips for IBPS PO Preparation 2017 (Prelims)

IBPS PO Preparation

What to do for IBPS PO Preparation ? As the IBPS PO 3rd exam date is approaching, every aspirant has got that adrenaline rush to succeed no matter what. With the days and night put up together, hard work here has to pay off. We are presenting here Last minute tips for IBPS PO Prelims 2017 exam.

The examinations have evolved over the past years and the tough competition makes it hard to go through. Already SBI PO blew everybody’s mind off because of the new pattern. Even the IBPS recruitment team has made changes for the main exam, but the prelims continue to be based on the previous pattern. So let’s quickly analyze the things and understand the areas we need to work at the last minute.

The entire examination is divided into 3 sections: Quantitative Aptitude || Logical Reasoning || English comprising of 100 questions in total.

  • Quantitative Aptitude – 35
  • Logical Reasoning – 35
  • English – 30

To begin with, Logical Reasoning can be a tough game, though easy for the ones who practiced a ton of genres. Puzzles are the game changers here, and the ones who get their hands smooth onto it are the ones who make it through. The entire section can sometimes comprise of 55-60% puzzles which makes it a nerve challenger.

Video on Sitting Arrangement asked in IBPS PO 7 Oct’17

IBPS PO Preparation Tips

  • Read the instructions very carefully
  • Try to read the puzzle more than twice to better understand what it says
  • Make a proper choice on which puzzle to solve first
  • Do not invest more than 6 minutes for a particular arrangement puzzle
  • Make sure you make no mistakes while analyzing the left and right directions depending on the direction people/objects are facing

At the bottom line, remember you need not opt for every question, decide very carefully on which to attempt and which to leave because that’s the baseline you need to have a command on.

Coming up with the English section, I believe it’s a smooth cakewalk if you are a master at basics. Because English will either put up new words or will confuse you with what you already know. So it’s our court whether we need to brush up the basics or run behind the new things. Staying with basics is what this section demands the most as English is something which remains unchanged.

IBPS PO Preparation Tips

  • Practice from the last 10 or 15 years paper, you’ll get an idea on how things go
  • Do not read entire lengthy comprehensions just skim through the paragraphs
  • First look at the keywords in the question asked from the comprehension, then look out for those keywords to get the answer
  • Do not attempt questions which consist of words/phrases which are new to you
  • As there is negative marking so do not attempt every question

Just stay with basics and the grammar rules, these two are the only boats to let you sail in the exam.

Quantitative Aptitude has always been a challenging thing for many and can eat up more time than thought. This section is the one which requires high levels of practice and exposure to tons of questions.

IBPS PO Preparation Tips

  • Instead of mugging up the formulas, try to understand how they give us the answers
  • Stick with ways you find easier irrespective of what other people are doing
  • Do not focus on solving maximum questions, rather get accuracy with each question
  • When solving Data Interpretation questions, solve questions which require fewer calculations
  • Make a properly planned and distributive chart which gives you an approximation of which topic holds what proportion of the entire section

Watch Video on Approximations asked in IBPS PO 7 Oct’17

Get the previous year papers, regularly attempt mock tests and online ibps po test series is a must to follow.

Apart from everything, time is the factor which decides whether you’re IN this time or not. So here’s a small analysis of how much time you should invest in which section.

Quantitative Aptitude 23 – 28 minutes
Logical Reasoning 18-22 minutes
English 12- 17 minutes


Good Luck!




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