Important Vocabulary Words – ‘The Hindu’ Editorial (27th March 2018)

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In this post, we are going to look at some Important Vocabulary Words – ‘The Hindu’ Editorial (27th March 2018). These are very helpful for Banking and other competitive exams.

These words have been taken from an Editorial of “The Hindu” newspaper and the name of the article is:

Scuff and buff: on the ball-tampering controversy”

Important Vocabulary Words – ‘The Hindu’ Editorial (27th March 2018)


  1. tampering (verb) :interfere with (something) in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations. ( हस्तक्षेप करना)

Synonyms: Interfere, tinker, doctor

Antonyms: repair, improve

Example: We should never tamper with safety devices in valves or cylinders.


  1. murky (adjective):dark and gloomy, especially due to thick mist. (धुंधला)

Synonyms: cloudy, dirty, nebulous

Antonyms: Apparent, clear,

Example: The light was too murky to continue playing.


  1. innocuous (adjective) :not harmful or offensive. (अहानिकर)

Synonyms: harmless, non-poisonous, non-toxic

Antonyms: harmful, toxic

Example:  Some mushrooms look innocuous but are in fact poisonous.


  1. abrasive (noun) :a substance used for grinding, polishing, or cleaning a hard surface. (अपघर्षक)

Synonyms: grinder

Example: Do not use abrasive kitchen cleaners or fluids and never apply the cleaner directly to the surface.


  1. fracas (noun) :a noisy disturbance or quarrel. (कोलाहल)

Synonyms: Scuffle, tussle, clash, altercation

Antonyms: peace, harmony, calm

Example: The police were called in to stop the fracas.


  1. peril (noun) : serious and immediate danger. (जोखिम)

Synonyms:  danger, jeopardy, hazard

Antonyms: safety, protection

Example: We face the immediate peril of being bought out by another company.


  1. complicity (noun) :the fact or condition of being involved with others in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong. (सहभागिता)

Synonyms:  collusion, involvement, participation

Antonyms: innocence, non-involvement

Example: Fifty-nine men were arrested for complicity in the lynching.


  1. despicable (adjective) :deserving hatred and contempt. (घृणित)

Synonyms:  contemptible, loathsome, hateful

Antonyms: Honourable, reputable

Example: From beginning to end his conduct had been despicable and wicked.


  1. nefarious (adjective) :wicked or criminal. (कुटिल)

Synonyms:  heinous, odious, vicious

Antonyms: delightful, gentle

Example: He was universally feared because of his many nefarious deeds.


  1. grudging (adjective) :unwilling to give or allow something. (अनिच्छा प्रकट करना)

Synonyms: reluctant, disinclined, hesitant

Antonyms: allow, approve, grant

Example: I didn’t think his grudging remarks really counted as an apology.


Hope you liked Important Vocabulary Words – ‘The Hindu’ Editorial (27th March 2018). Please keep yourself updated to learn important vocabulary and try to use these words so you can remember them for long time.

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