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IBPS PO Exam Analysis 7th October 2017

IBPS PO Exam Analysis

IBPS PO exam is most awaited opportunity for aspirants who want to enter banking sector. This exam gives quite an illustrious career scope in the banks and its popularity can be easily assessed by the continuous increase in number of candidates appearing in IBPS PO. Watch this space for IBPS PO Exam Analysis.

Like every year, this year also countless students registered for the exam to make use of this great opportunity. IBPS PO I shift date fell on 7th October, 2017. The exam is over now and we are providing you a detailed analysis and deep insight of the exam. The aspirants who will face the exam in the next shifts on 8, 14 and 15 October can go through this analysis of today’s paper to get some idea of the level and types of questions that can be asked in their turn too.

This year’s IBPS PO Pre exam 2017 cut off will fall to a lower side as the level of exam was moderate – difficult. Some sections were head storming and some were an easy ride. The pattern of the exam is surprising as it is changing every time. The exam was conducted online, consisted 100 questions to be done in 60 minutes. Candidates dealt with 35 questions of Reasoning Ability, 35 questions of quantitative Aptitude and 30 questions of English in the given time.


Main highlights of IBPS PO Exam Analysis (Prelims) are:

  1. The level of the questions was Moderate to Difficult. Examinees faced a few moments of respite in entire exam.
  2. Particularly English Section was tough and more than one option looked correct. Hence it confused candidates a lot.
  3. English Language section pattern looked new this year. Not a single question came from Cloze test and a new kind of error spotting and sentence improvement was asked.
  4. Questions were asked from different topics in each shift of IBPS PO Pre 2017.
  5. Questions in Quant and Reasoning were comparatively easy and can be solved.
  6. In Quantitative Aptitude in I and II shift 5 questions of Number series were asked whereas in III and IV shift Number Series questions were replace by 5 questions from Quadratic Equation topic.
  7. In Reasoning Section, I shift, 5 questions from Coding Decoding were asked but in II and III shift Syllogism questions were asked instead of Coding Decoding. In shift IV, there were 5 questions from Input-Output.


IBPS PO Prelims Examination Overall Analysis:


                                                 Subject              Good Attempt
English Language 12-15
Reasoning Ability 18-22
Quantitative Aptitude 14-17
Total 52-55


Section wise IBPS PO Exam Analysis (Pre 7th October 2017)

  1. English Language Section

The English Language section of IBPS PO Pre was moderately difficult. The topic of Reading Comprehension in the third shift was about e commerce. There was 1 question of Synonym and 2 questions of Antonym which were asked for the comprehension. The Error detection questions were of moderate level and maximum questions of this topic were from Subject – Verb agreement.


Watch the english videos on youtube


No Cloze Test Questions were asked


Topics No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 10 Moderate-Difficult
Error Detection and Phrase Replacement 20 Difficult
Total 30 Moderate-Difficult


  1. Quantitative Aptitude Section

The level of this section was also moderate to Difficult. In third shift there were questions of Quadratic equations in place of Number Series. If you are yet to appear for the exam, the strategy is to first clear the sectional cutoff and then speed up your calculation part. Miscellaneous questions asked on the topics Age Problem, Time and Work, Profit Loss, Compound Interest and Average were of moderate level but Discount topics and DI (Data Interpretation) seemed hard to solve in stipulated time.

Watch the quant videos on youtube

Topics No. of questions Level
Series 5 Moderate- Difficult
Approximation 6 Moderate
Average 1 Moderate
Data interpretation 12 Difficult and Time Consuming
Profit and Loss 2 Moderate
Compound interest 1 Moderate
Discount 2 Moderate- Difficult
Ratio and Proportion 1 Moderate- Difficult
Problem on Ages 1 Moderate- Difficult
Time and Work 1 Moderate
Boat and stream 1 Moderate- Difficult
Miscellaneous 2 Moderate- Difficult
Total 35 Moderate- Difficult


Some Number Series Questions asked in first shift of IBPS PO Prelims 7th October, 2017


  1. 17, 98, 26, 89, 35, ?


17+9=26;  26+9=35

98-9=89;  89-9=80

Correct answer is 80


  1.  2, 17, 89, 359, 1079,?







Correct answer is 2159


  1. 7, 4.5, 5.5, 12, 49,?







Correct answer is 393


  1. 3240, 540, 108, 27, ?, 4.5







Correct answer is 9


  1. Reasoning Ability Section

We can rate this section as again moderate-difficult. This section consisted of questions related to Puzzles, Sitting Arrangements (Linear), Equality and Inequality etc. IBPS PO Pre detailed Exam Analysis for Reasoning is given below:

Watch the Reasoning videos on youtube

Topics No. of Questions Level
Puzzles and Sitting Arrangement 20 Difficulty
Inequalities 5 Moderate
Syllogism 5 Moderate-Difficult
Order and Ranking 2 Moderate-Difficult
Blood relation 2 Moderate
Direction Sense 1 Moderate
Total 35 Moderate-Difficult


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