How to be an Expert in Attempting Descriptive Test in Banking & SSC Exams

We are providing this informational article in order to help you in finding the answer to this very important question – How to be an Expert of descriptive paper. Let us first understand the meaning of Descriptive Test.

The descriptive test requires detailed answers in English irrespective of whether it is a Letter Writing or an Essay Writing question or any general question related to any topic. The descriptive paper has gained so much prominence in recent past that most of the exams are considering it to be a part of the selection process.

Now that we have understood what are descriptive tests, let us move on to the next step. Following are a few important things to be kept in mind before appearing for these tests.

Important Points to be Remembered

  • The examination centres of these tests will be providing Computers for attempting the test and the computer keyboard is very different from the laptop keyboard
  • You need to check the condition of the keyboard and whether any key is non-functional before starting with your test
  • Always review your answer before submitting
  • Submit your answer as if until you will not submit your answer, the next question will not appear on your computer screen
  • Give special attention towards using the Capital case wherever required
  • Command over the English language is a must to crack this test

Things to Focus for Descriptive Test  

  • Improve your English language proficiency by reading newspapers and articles on various topics
  • Practice typing routinely on a computer keyboard with the help of Typing Pro Softwares
  • The software will help you in analyzing your typing speed with respect to time
  • Focus on the English Grammar as the use of conjugations, commas and correct punctuations is a must for clearing the examination
  • Always prepare the content in your mind before starting to type as it will help you in articulating the answer more precisely
  • Keep a time period aside for reviewing your answers before submitting it as professional typing master can also commit mistakes
  • Be calm and relaxed while attempting the test as it will lessen the chances of typing errors
  • Keep your answers well organized and do not complicate the answers, keep it simple and understandable
  • Do not Bold or Capitalize every word for grabbing more attention as it will not work at all, just type the first letter of every sentence in Capital Case
  • Keep a check on your speed and accuracy while typing your answers
  • Time management is very crucial in the descriptive examination

Commanding the Descriptive Test     

The major pillars for commanding the descriptive test is mentioned as follows:

  • Content

The content is the most important thing and it must be well prepared and organized

  • Correctness

The grammar and punctuation of the language of the answer must be appropriate

  • Continual Typing Practice

The candidates must be well practiced on the computer keyboard

  • Check

Review the answer before submitting as there is no option of auto-correct or spell check will be available

Follow these major aspects of the descriptive examination and you will be able to get through the descriptive test in flying colors.

We wish you All the very Best for your upcoming competitive examination!

We hope that the article will be beneficial for you in attempting the descriptive examinations.

Your mentor for Banking Exams:

Bhavya Mittal


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