How to attempt questions accurately and speedily in Banking and other Govt Job Exams?

Friends, since most of you are already preparing for upcoming banking, insurance and SSC exams, it is very important for you to know how to solve questions with utmost speed and accuracy together. Check out how to attempt questions accurately and speedily in Banking and other Govt job Exams.

Most of the students struggle between speed and accuracy. Managing with these two together is just the way, where you may beat the strict and expanding competition in these exams. DO you really believe that it is the knowledge and concepts only, that are a reason for increasing cut-off? I would say, NO.. It is the right strategy that you have to follow while you are sitting in the examination centre and trying to solve as many questions to beat the cut offs.

There are numerous  myths that are ongoing in the minds of aspirants. With my experience of over a decade of passing these exams I would like to share the key points of my strategy:

  1. A successful aspirant of these exams does not focus on solving maximum number of questions but focus on solving questions speedily with maximum accurately.
  2. The examiner wants to evaluate those, who are good in their concepts, and also understand the importance of time simultaneously.
    1. This accuracy, is all a function of the negative marking. Since most the Govt. exams, has a factor of negative marking, let’s look at this with a live example.
    2. I interviewed my two students A, one who cracked SBI Clerk 2017 Prelims, and another student B, who couldn’t pass the cut-offs.
    3. Student A attempted 80 questions out of 100 with 70% accuracy and Student B attempted only 60 with 90% accuracy.
    4. Now, let’s do a simple maths here with the expected scores:
      1. Score of Student A: 80X70% – 80X30%X0.25 (negative marking) = 50 marks
      2. Score of Student B: 60X90% – 60%10%X0.25 (negative marking) = 52.5 marks
  • Now, you should understand that the Marks of Student B is more than student A, just because this accuracy was better than the first one.

Hence it is very clear, that accuracy plays an important role in making up to the cut offs

Now what you should also focus is on the factor of increasing this accuracy. I can only tell you the key points to remember but implementing these points will definitely make a mark in your upcoming exams. I will talk about two key strategy points here:

The first is the Study plan strategy, and the second is Exam paper Strategy.

Study plan strategy:

  • Your aim is always to score more, and for this you have to attempt as many questions as you can. To make sure what you attempt is correct you should have a fine grip across each and every subject and its topics.
  • Out of complete syllabus, first you should know, what all is a part of exam pattern. So, to answer this you should focus on solving a mock test before you start preparing.
  • Now, build a list of which all subjects are asked in exams, with their importance. With importance I would say, the weightage of these exams. Trust me, it really takes years for examiners to change the pattern, so almost 80-90% of the pattern remains same.
  • Next, the key is knowing your weak and strong areas.
    1. Student A must be good at Verbal ability and solving reading comprehension, while Student B is good at solving Blood relations in Quant.
    2. Focus and practice more on questions which have higher weightage, and which fall under your weak areas.
  • Time management:
    1. Allocate time as per you daily routine and availability
    2. Allocate study and practice routine as per your preparation level and as per the remaining days.

“Note: I can’t study more than 7 hours a day, but these 7 hours are complete quality time, while, my friend studies for 16 hours a day, but he is not at all focussed and planned”

Again, it is the effectiveness that plays a key role. So, try to be realistic and effective while making plans.

  • Improving accuracy: Now this is the time you should know a difference between learning and practicing. Spend your most of the time in learning the concepts of chapters which have high importance, and focus on practicing those chapters, which you already know, and are good at.

Exam paper strategy:

Ohhh!! This is the toughest part of all. Trust me friends, it is only the confidence that matters, and confidence is directly proportional to the practice level.

When I sit in the examination hall, I don’t keep thinking of the outcome, such as “Cracking this exam, and to be an excise inspector, or be an SBI clerk, or be a Manager at Govt. bank, or any”

I just believe in attempting maximum questions while solving with ACCURACY and speed.

How to achieve that:

  1. Cheat your thoughts: Immediately scan through the exam question and build a confidence that you can crack it easily. If the questions seem tough, then believe that it will be same for all, sitting next to you, and if it seems easy then I have prepared well.
  2. Attempt easy ones: While scanning, start attempting every easy question that come your way, otherwise mark them for review later. After skimming and scanning of all questions, start with the easiest ones, and gradually move to ones who seem tougher.
    1. This is a directly dependent on your practice level to crack different types of questions accurately. Your past practice before writing any exam can help to figure out which questions are easy to answer and which are not
  3. Keep a track of time: Time is the equal factor along with attempting a question. In average, you get almost 40-70 seconds per question and which is not same for all questions. Easy question, can be solved by just giving a glimpse in around 10 seconds, while a few questions might take over 100 seconds.
    1. Gaining a momentum of time, is the right strategy, so practice more to know your strong areas, followed by reduction in your attempt time.
  4. Closure of exam: You should never have this thought that exam is not going the way as you expected and stop thinking about the outcome. Just keep a track of the questions, with higher accuracy, and shortest time. This is the best key to mark your seat in your dream job.

At  last, I would also share my personal experience. In the beginning, I used to get anxious while solving exam paper in examination hall. (this was the time I used to be in my school. J)

Later, when I passed my high school, I looked at my past and believed that I don’t have any control over it. Similarly, I can’t control my future; it’s just the matter of my present and current situation that matters.

And in the current circumstances I only believe in a Mahabharata Quote “Karm karte jao, fal to mil hi jaaega”

So, students its only about your current practice, that would definitely result and impact bug in your future. So, keep working hard.

Happy learning! Keep practicing! All the best!



Your mentor,

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